Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The same job over and over

For the past 10 years, I had many experiences in the IT field, within different industries (Finance, Telecoms, Retail, Governmental Agency,...). I started describing it all to a friend over a bottle of wine, and came the thought that all the applications were doing was :

  1. retrieving data
  2. storing data
  3. processing data
  4. rendering/crashing data
Did it many different ways, following the changes in technologies:  from EJBs entities to Hibernate, from home made Web framework over JSP/ servlet to GWT, or from home made dependency injection framework to Spring, but either it is a retail product, a trade, a Telecoms router configuration or carrots those projects were just data management.

So when most of the jobs require "previous Carrot {replace with your favorite domain} experience", it is basically only vocabulary, speaking the same language, something that can be learned in an intensive week, reading the " Carrot bible".

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